Biography Kim Lingo

As far back as I can remember I have always had an intense desire to create. This desire did not turn off and seems there was never a quiet moment. I have found an amazing peace and tranquility in the world of ceramics. Ceramic art combines all the things I love whether it is art, gardening or animals while maintaining a beautiful connection to the earth and surprise elements from the fire of the kiln.

During my academic career an opportunity to purchase a business came knocking at the door, not what I thought life would be but an incredible opportunity that would provide. The business is a manufacturer of micro components for the aerospace industry. It has kept me very busy but I am very blessed and thankful. During this time I still took every chance I had to continue doing the things I loved.

One day while out in the garden I wanted more pots for my plants. I wasn’t happy with the store bought ones so I decided I would make my own and enrolled in a ceramics class. The first project was a cup. When it returned from the kiln I thought maybe this wasn’t for me, it was a horrible looking cup. I had paid for the class and my friends were there so I continued.

Stubborn and confused I decided to take the clay home with me. As I worked with the clay and began to understand it, I fell in love with it! The stubborn desire in my head had a purpose. I still keep that cup on the shelf to remind me to keep going and never give up. Life contains many twists and turns to get us to where we are going; I have stopped trying to understand them and now I just enjoy the journey.

After a couple years of working in ceramics I knew with all my heart…this is where I belong. This is my journey and I am forever grateful for this journey.

Artist Statement Kim Lingo

I began making animals out of love and amazement, filled with delight and curiosity. I am very drawn to the dimensionality of nature’s creatures. The textures, shadows, folds of skin, as well as the unique postures they assume. I enjoy the study of my subject. It is the process of capturing all of a subjects features that interests me, I am process driven. As much as I may like a finished piece, it is the next piece I am then excited about. I enjoy the process of discovering and creating my new subject.